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Gujarat Earthquake Essay: How a Disaster Became an Opportunity for Development

in the wake of the march, 2005, earthquake in gujarat, many experts have said that changes in the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in india will not be possible until they address the problem of urban sprawl, including development of areas prone to earthquakes. while indian cities built their urban sprawl in the past without much care for the dangers of earthquakes, the past year has shown that the indian cities now have more than 250 million people. that is more than the population of the entire country in the 1950s.

gujarat earthquake essay


the seismic activity in gujarat is located in four belts. laxminarayan has identified three major faults. the principal one is the sanchi-simhapur belt, running in the west of the state from sanchi to simhapur. the main fault of this belt is the mokul-sankheda fault, which runs in a north-westerly direction. another important fault system is the dang-nalgarh fault. this fault runs in a north-westerly direction in the middle section of gujarat, from dang to nalgarh. in the north of gujarat and south of gujrat, is the bhavnagar-junagadh fault zone, which runs in a north-easterly direction. the sanchi-simhapur fault is the widest of the three. it runs in a north-westerly direction from the town of sanchi to the town of simhapur. the mokul-sankheda fault is the second-wideest. it runs in a north-easterly direction from the town of mokul to the town of sankheda. the dang-nalgarh fault is the shortest. it runs in a north-westerly direction from the town of dang to the town of nalgarh.

a large number of people have been killed by the earthquake. some estimates put the number at over 70,000. the deaths have been caused by the collapse of buildings, and by the fire and explosion that followed the collapse.


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