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Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 1080p Dual Audio

Much like its 2D counterpart, the journey to 'Mysterious Island' improves dramatically with a stunning video presentation. Shot natively in digital 3D, the MVC encode looks practically flawless, taking advantage of the technology in several scenes, especially while on the island. Some visual tricks tend to feel like obvious gimmicks, but thankfully, they never detract from the enjoyment of the picture quality. The most notable moment is Hutcherson and Guzmán bouncing berries off of Johnson's gyrating pecs. In fact, it's pretty amusing seeing the little red balls jump out of the screen. Other sequences are put to better use, such as the bee ride and the gang's escape from giant birds. The actors and CG creatures often float in midair, independent of their surroundings.

journey 2 the mysterious island 1080p dual audio

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'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island' is a loose sequel to 2008's 'Journey to the Center of the Earth,' minus the Fraser. Despite being a slightly bigger hit than the first movie, this family fantasy adventure is less funny and less exciting than the its predecessor, but the arduous journey to see it through to the end is just as grueling and tiresome. There is very little sense of adventure or excitement in its entire 90-minute runtime. The Blu-ray, however, arrives with a stunning 3D presentation and excellent audio. While supplements are the same as the DVD release, one small interactive exclusive adds a bit of fun to the package, making it a decent purchase for the little ones in the family.


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