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The flight computer is ready to communicate over USBand in packet mode over the radio.You can configurethe flight computer, download data or displaythe current state. See below for how to get the flightcomputer to come up in Idle mode at power on.

Micro Flight 5.2 Crack Download

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Clicking on the 'Save Flight Data' button brings up alist of connected flight computers and TeleDongledevices. If you select a flight computer, the flightdata will be downloaded from that device directly.If you select a TeleDongle device, flight data will bedownloaded from a flight computer over radio link viathe specified TeleDongle. SeeControlling An Altimeter Over The Radio Link formore information.

After the device has been selected, a dialog showingthe flight data saved in the device will be shownallowing you to select which flights to download andwhich to delete. With version 0.9 or newer firmware,you must erase flights in order for the space theyconsume to be reused by another flight. This preventsaccidentally losing flight data if you neglect todownload data before flying again. Note that if thereis no more space available in the device, then no datawill be recorded during the next flight.

The Map Radius value sets how large an area around thecenter point to download. Select a value large enoughto cover any plausible flight from that site. Be awarethat loading a large area with a high maximum zoomlevel can attempt to download a lot of data. Loadinghybrid maps with a 10km radius at a minimum zoom of -2and a maximum zoom of 2 consumes about 120MB ofspace. Terrain and road maps consume about 1/10 asmuch space as satellite or hybrid maps.

Altus Metrum flight computers will not overwrite existingflight data, so be sure to download flight data and erase itfrom the flight computer before it fills up. The flightcomputer will still successfully control the flight even if itcannot log data, so the only thing you will lose is the data.

Version 1.8.3 includes support for TeleMega version 3.0 alongwith two important flight computer fixes. This version alsochanges KML export data to make Tripoli Record reportingbetter and some updates to graph presentation and datadownloading. 350c69d7ab


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