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Season 151970 [UPD]

The player names and pitcher names in the box score above can be clicked and their comprehensive single season & career statistics will be shown. If you would like to see a complete roster for either team, simply click the team name.

Season 151970

It used to be the case that UConn was a name synonymous with Yankee Conference basketball championships as the Huskies won the league's hoop crown ten straight years from the 1950-51 season all the way through the 1959-60 campaign.

And Mathias had his biggest and best game of the young season. His main contributions to the win came in his rebounding as he latched on to 11 caroms, many of them in tight situations. He also tallied 15 points, most of them on under-the-basket hoops.

The Philadelphia Flyers finished the regular season with a 28-33-17 record. They went 20-10-9 at home and 8-23-8 on the road. Including the playoffs, the Philadelphia Flyers went 28-37-17. Their final game was a loss in the Conference Semi-Finals to the Chicago Black Hawks.

Marshall University (dark jerseys) beat Morehead State (white jerseys) 17-7 in the season opener Sept. 19, 1970, at Fairfield Stadium. The 1970 team had a 3-6 record under coach Rick Tolley. Team captain was Dave Griffith.

Through the 1970 season club members were casting envious glances across the hills to Waterhall Golf Course where a new clubhouse was being built; perhaps consoled in the hope their clubhouse would be next to be built. A steering committee was set up to organise funding for the new clubhouse. By early 1972 It became clear that due to constraints on public spending that the project was in danger of being set back years.

The north sides of the ridges still held quite a bit of snow from the season's storms (up to 2' in some drifts), but made for a fantastic climb; kicking steps was both easy and secure. I actually lost a good bit of time trying to avoid the snow on the way up, but used it frequently going back over to the Guadalupe trail. 041b061a72


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