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Five Nights At Treasure Island

Eventually, all of the characters Jake was encountered by failed their one goal: killing him. And as a result, a majority of them took a last resort to accomplish this goal. Specifically, all of the toons featured in the first three nights as they created Hourglass, a combination of all five toons into one humanoid being. Notably, though, The Face and Undying had left the location entirely as they weren't present anywhere on this being. This happened during Greg's disclaimer about Jake being able to leave the island later than anticipated due to the team needing more time to prepare, leaving him there for one more night while needing to counter the attacks from the brand new, unknown being. At the starter for said night, he received yet another call from Henry that coerced him into visiting Pirate Caverns once more, telling him the code to the room on Floor 3 is "3497" before hanging up. It should also be noted that a silhouette of Mickey Mouse started appearing in front of him on occasion as he dropped the monitor down, likely as a distraction to force Jake into confusion and lead Hourglass to a more vulnerable target. However, Jake didn't submit to this distraction and continued pursuing his battle against Hourglass, which was successful, and he survived even the amalgamation of the first five creatures, allowing him to revisit Pirate Caverns.

Five Nights at Treasure Island

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Willy saying "Hey". saying "My boat? You took it!" saying "He isn't nice". saying "Where's my hat?"

You are an ex-employee at Treasure Island/Scavenger of Abandoned Locations. You discover that Treasure Island has been abandoned, so you decide to go back to relive some old memories.Upon getting there, you take various pictures of the area, enjoying the sight. However you realize some pretty disturbing costumes, that make you real uncomfortable. You decide to leave, but realize your ride got damaged upon hitting shore, and is unable to move.Now you're trapped on an abandoned island, with limited resources. You must wait 5 nights to get all the supplies in order to fix the boat. However.... 041b061a72


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