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Official Lenovo Vibe Shot Z90 (Z90-7, Z90-3, Z90A40) Stock Frimware Extra Quality

[Q] my lenovo z90-7 can only connect to 2G network can I make it to connect to 3g and 4G[A] Hi, first you have to make sure your simcard work with 3G / 4G. You can try to test at different Android smartphone just to make sure your simcard can work with 3G or 4G. If your simcard can work with 3G or 4G at other smartphone, then maybe the APN setting on your Lenovo Z90-7 is not correct. You have to discuss your phone network provider to set the correct APN for make the 3G or 4G work properly. [Q] Good Morning! I have lenovo vibe shot (Z90-7) mobile. It was purchased on 2016 in china . Last 2 days my mobile not works sound system. In display shows head phone symbol appeared. I removed headset also. But still appearing in display. So i couldn't get incoming call and outgoing calls. Please give me right solution tomy mail.Thanks & Regards,S.Sivakumar[A] Hi, it seems that your problems comes from software, therefore you have to try backup all important data from your Lenovo Vibe Shot, then try to do hard reset using menu Setting like steps at #option 1 above, because your Lenovo Vibe Shot still can work properly.

Official Lenovo Vibe shot Z90 (Z90-7, Z90-3, Z90A40) Stock Frimware


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